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COMPLET contain: 1st LINERAR VIBATING SCREENER/FOR BULK MATERIALS, machine name: RESONANCE SCREEN, company: Binder+CO AG, year of manufacture: 2003, applications: Sand, gravel,feldspar,mangesite,wasteglass,building waste,silica,volcanic rocks,basalt,minerals... 2nd RETURN WHEEL for sludge with ABB motor, year 2003, 3rd PUMP:- Grondfos motor, year 2005: - KSB motor, year 1983 4th MILL/CRUSHER Horizontal Impact Crusher VOEST, company: SBM WAGENEDER, year 1994 5th FEEDER/HOPPER with motor, Company SBM WAGENEDER, year 1994 6th FEEDER/HOPPER with motor Company STROJNI INŽENIRING D.O.O. year 2005 7th DUAL WOEING MACHINE, 8th SOWIG DEVICE Company STROJNI INŽENIRING D.O.O. year 2006, motor engine power: 2x0,35kw, machine speed (RPM): 1500 9th VERTICAL MILL Company SBM WAGENEDER year 1987 10th VERTICAL MILL Company SBM WAGENEDER, year 2007, additional metal detecotr on conveyor belt year 2206 11th FILTER PRESS DEHYDRATOR Company: FACCAROLI&BALZA S.p.A 12TH SILO Aprox. 70m3 13th prefabricated ahll aprox. 20x15 m 14TH CONTAINERS one with windows, one without windows

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